Essential to Big Data Strategy

Enterprises regularly access extraordinary volumes of data with one critical missing asset: the “journey.” ClickFox finds each digital footprint across every system and connects them into journeys that drive advanced analytics for the entire enterprise resulting in $billions of savings for our Fortune 500 clients.

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Apply Context to Your Data

The ClickFox platform adds meaning to your data by connecting and tagging millions of experiences to build the detailed and bird’s eye views so customer, product and employee journeys are fully understood.

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Advance Insights with ClickFox

ClickFox correlates and connects experiences visualizing meaningful relationships across the data to deliver root cause analysis.  Always dynamic, always current, always available.

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Operationalize Your Journeys

The journey derivative from the ClickFox Platform has become the most essential piece of the Big Data strategy to drive daily business results by:

  • Pushing journey data assets to the frontlines for immediate visibility into experiences
  • Immediate decision making for journey transformation
  • Delivering instant impact on business performance indicators
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