How we add value

Clickfox Journey Platform

ClickFox’s unique, patented solution takes your numerous existing interaction data systems (Web, phone center, mobile, retail store, etc) and combines them into a unified, cross-channel journey framework. The ClickFox plaftorm connects data from these and renders easy-to-understand visualizations that represent behaviors within and across your channels. These patented ClickFox visualizations give you an instant view of what’s happening, whether at the the granular level of an individual interaction or at the macro level of trends and insights connecting millions of touch points into journeys. ClickFox takes you far beyond the “what” of customer behavior and other interactions to get to the more important “why,” the reliable and actionable insights into your data to let you make the best business decisions.

  • Case Studies

    ClickFox case studies demonstrate how Fortune 500 leaders have gained collectively more than $1 billion in savings and revenue.

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  • Operational Efficiency

    ClickFox cross channel journey analytics shed light on where the biggest cost saving opportunities exist across all customer touch points.

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  • Revenues

    Your consumers share with other consumers the pleasure and the pain of episodes they’ve had with your business. You have an opportunity to take that consumer voice and consumer experience to generate revenue.

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  • Customer Experience

    Leverage cross-channel, 360-degree customer experience journeys to understand actual customer satisfaction and loyalty rather than limited CSAT surveys.

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