The CEA Platform maps data across interaction channels and identifies the journeys that matter for the optimal decision-making on key business drivers.

ClickFox Experience Analytics Platform

The ClickFox Experience Analytics (CEA) Platform offers the first real scalable analytics application that connects cross-channel interaction data into meaningful end-to-end journeys to best understand the entire, cumulative experience.

Journey Visualization Architecture
ClickFox connects and transforms cross-channel interaction data into end-to-end journeys as part of the Journey Visualization Architecture.


The Journey Visualization Architecture allows you to select the appropriate unique identifiers to join data in dynamic, unique layered journey views. JVA ensures  journeys are created across hundreds of millions of touch points to power CEA and offer more rapid, actionable insights without requiring new database schemas or custom queries to answer each new question and perform discovery.

ClickFox Experience Analytics Platform
ClickFox is the industry leader in pioneering advanced journey analytics and delivering journey assets to the entire enterprise.


The ClickFox Experience Analytics (CEA) Platform is powered by the Journey Visualization Architecture and has several core components: the Journey Analytics Workbench, Journey Diagnostics and the Journey Distribution Engine.

  • The Journey Analytics Workbench visually displays journeys as layered maps for easily examining the direct impact of journeys (e.g., customer experience journeys) on business outcomes. View top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points and next-step activity in any timeframe.
  • ClickFox Journey Diagnostics provides interactive tracking and trending to measure and assess the impact to your business before, after and during journey optimization.
  • The Journey Distribution Engine generates journey data assets for use by your business systems, arming all members of your organization with an array of insights down to the customer level.

Journey Distribution Engine
ClickFox outputs journey data assets to the enterprise benefiting every level of daily operations.


The Journey Distribution Engine generates new journey data assets that encompass all the touch points across interaction channels and incorporates journey attributes such as identity, patterns, outcomes, end-end duration, effort score, and cross-channel behaviors for use in your enterprise systems. Journey data assets facilitate employee performance reporting, inform the frontlines with detailed intelligence about customer experiences and provide essential tracking of improvement initiatives.

ClickFox Technology
The CEA Platform leverages state-of-the-art enterprise technologies and cloud-based computing for fast, reliable analytics and actionable insights.


Our robust, flexible CEA Platform sets the industry standard as the cross-channel, end-to-end journey solution. The CEA technology stack leverages Java™ and a shared-nothing MPP database architecture optimized for large-scale analytics in the cloud. Our technology solution differentiates ClickFox by how our technology ingests, connects and visualizes data. ClickFox uses behavioral pattern analysis that helps you find the meaningful journeys while suppressing routine interactions that have no impact.
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