Journey Enablement

Our team of certified experts enables you to leverage the CEA Platform and resulting insights.

Enabling Advanced Analytics and Journey Asset Management

We offer comprehensive CEA Platform enablement services that accelerate capabilities through training and personalized mentoring. Our Enablement Program transfers analytics expertise, methodologies and best practices to the enterprise. Our highly seasoned team has over 100+ years of combined cross-industry and data experience with an in-depth understanding of how to achieve value from journey analytics.

CEA Platform Enablement
ClickFox provides platform services so that your team becomes proficient CEA experts continually moving to the next level of advanced analytics and insights.


CEA Platform Enablement ensures a comprehensive, robust portfolio of services tailored to your business needs, data and industry. We have a team of experts focused on enabling CEA and your underlying Journey Visualization Architecture by:

  • Designing data collection routines
  • Constructing detailed Journey Visualization Layers (JVLs)
  • Defining core tasks from your data
  • Performing quality checks
  • Deploying the necessary infrastructure to operationalize CEA
  • Enabling your journey diagnostics dashboard to measure trends

Cloud Delivery
Hosting services provide everything you need to manage the CEA Platform including monitoring, backups, security and 24/7 support.


ClickFox delivers the CEA Platform as enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so that you can take full advantage of our proven infrastructure and secure journey technology without the hardware investment, maintenance hassle and without additional overhead tasks, which avoids overtaxing your IT team. Several key services ensure your data is secure and rapidly accessible. These services handle a wide range of activities including: end-user requests via the CEA web application, authentication as actions are completed or database connections are established, data processing for import or export, monitoring, backups and 24/7 support.

ClickFox University
ClickFox University provides an enablement program to guide your team to becoming world-class CEA experts.

Extend the impact of ClickFox by working with our team to become CEA enabled. The ClickFox Customer Enablement Program  (CEP) ensures that your business experts are trained to successfully utilize CEA in order to answer critical business questions and explore hypotheses while offering new discovery opportunities. Our structured, sequenced series of programs guide team members through the progression of skills from basic to advanced that are necessary to obtain the maximum return on your investment. Each of our programs is custom tailored to your business issues and contextualized around your data. As a result, even in training, participants perform direct work on your data so that you immediately begin to realize the benefits of the CEA Platform.

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Journey Asset Management
ClickFox Journey Asset Management provides thought leadership and resources to help you get the most out of your journeys.


Journey Asset Management leverages the CEA Platform that connects data from all touch points using unique identifiers to bring to life journeys and outputs journey assets to the entire enterprise. Leveraging journey assets, the ClickFox team provides thought leadership and the resources to help you get the most out of your journeys. With our industry expertise, technical knowhow and CEA benchmarking across the industry, CEA experts can work with you to help you identify correlations and trends, highlight opportunities for improved alignment between consumer expectations and company goals, boost predictive models with journey assets and assess the effectiveness of current initiatives by their impact on customer journeys.