ClickFox is empowering Business Analysts and Data Scientists to join the Journey Sciences™ revolution! The ClickFox Customer Journey Analytics CEA Platform is the first application in Hadoop that surfaces end-to-end journeys from massive amounts of uncorrelated RAW data to generate the most intelligent enterprise data to solve Customer Journey Analytics use cases.

See what Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks had to say about Journey Sciences™ at ClickFox.


ClickFox enables Data Scientists unparalleled capability to improve Customer Journey Analytics. Standard Hadoop interfaces can now surface Journey Data to any number of reporting, alerting, or operational decisioning systems.

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ClickFox’s unique capability produces a contextualized Journey Dataset that when used by applications, predictive models, decisioning systems, alerting systems, and any existing system in the Enterprise, will lead to billions of dollars of revenue opportunity through a library of Use Cases!

Read what Mike Olson, chief strategy officer at Cloudera says about Journey Sciences™ at ClickFox.


Discover how this Fortune 500 natural gas utility company used the ClickFox Journey Analytics platform to chart end-to-end journeys, align and simplify business rules across channels, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

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