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Journeys are up to 50% more predictive of business outcomes than interaction data. Find out why a journey-centric approach is critical.


Companies embracing journey analytics have been wildly successful improving satisfaction, while reducing costs. See examples in this section.


ClickFox builds solutions that empower business users to perform
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Productionalized Experience

With 12+ years in the big data analytics and customer experience space, ClickFox has seen and dealt with virtually every data source.

We build products that apply lessons learned in advanced journey analytics, while enabling business users to perform complex journey science.


ClickFox accepts data from ANY data source where there is an event name and timestamp through easily ingesting your existing datasets, or by leveraging the ClickFox standard event format.

About-Us-Omni.pngConnect Journeys

Amazing opportunities lie hidden in your data that are only uncovered when events are connected into journeys. The ClickFox user interface enables business users and data experts to apply years of experience through a proprietary journey language.

About-Us-Omni.pngContextualize Journeys

Business users sequence ANY & ALL interaction events and categorize them from the customer point of view, enabling robust journey management.

About-Us-Omni.pngRapid Journey Analytics

Visually explore and analyze connected journeys, while making contextualized journey data available to downstream systems and projects. With data automatically and continuously collected, connected and contextualized, you can focus on what's important.

ClickFox is the true original in the cross-channel Customer Experience, Big Data Analytics, and now Journey Science worlds.

"This forward-thinking partnership provides another level of innovation to our new Service Intelligence and Analytics offering and digital transformation vision. It lays the foundation for future automated technologies to quickly advance next-generation products for our clients. This unique and groundbreaking approach also enables businesses to quickly identify where to automate for the best results."

Michel-Alain Proch, Group Senior Executive Vice President, CEO North American Operations at Atos

"ClickFox enables Data Scientists unparalleled capability to improve Customer Journey Analytics. Standard Hadoop interfaces can now surface Journey Data to any number of reporting, alerting, or operational decisioning systems."

Lori Bieda, Head of Analytics Centre of Excellence at Bank of Montreal

"ClickFox’s unique capability produces a contextualized Journey Dataset that when used by applications, predictive models, decisioning systems, alerting systems, and any existing system in the Enterprise, will lead to billions of dollars of revenue opportunity through a library of Use Cases!"

Mike Olson, chief strategy officer at Cloudera

The Introduction
to Journey Trace

Following our mission to tools that unlock the power of stories hidden in data, Journey Trace is the first application to do just that.

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Imagine asking Google Maps for directions to a city, without specifying a starting location! It could analyze all driving behavior within a specified timeframe to determine the optimum routes ... from everywhere.

Revealing the Unexpected Through Journey Analytics

There's a process to revealing the untold stories and unexpected opportunities hidden in mountains of data.

Revealing the Unexpected Through Journey Analytics

Companies have become tremendously adept at gathering data. So much fuss is made about sheer data quantity that the term “big data” has become commonplace. Everyone has big data. So what?