Journeys Complete Your Analytics Ecosystem

Successful Analytics Programs Use Connected Journey Data

ClickFox is the proven leader in customer journey management and analytics by connecting events from ANY data source into journeys. Data from any system containing touchpoint or attribute data is connected into the ClickFox journey connection engine, Fox. Once connected and then contextualized by the business, journey data is then available for downstream use.

The Analytics market is filled with many tools, all claiming magical capabilities. The truth is that successful analytics programs require multiple systems that compliment each other well.

The graphic below shows some of the many systems that can be ingested by Fox to close blind spots in the 360 degree view of the customer. The intelligent, net new, data asset that's created after connecting data into journeys, is available for advanced analytics, data science initiatives, or proactive treatment initiatives.



The Journey Experts Can Guide You

The key steps in an on-going Journey Science program are:

  • Identify a Problem Area to Attack
  • Data Collection / Preparation
  • Data Driven Journey Mapping
  • Identify Opportunities / Analytics Scrum
  • Prioritize / Implement Changes
  • Monitor Journey Performance

ClickFox is the only company that has the products, experience and partnerships to help guide an enterprise through all of these steps.