These journeys have proven to be over 30% more predictive than individual events or moments of time for key business drivers such as customer satisfaction and reducing churn. Using CEA, our Fortune 500 clients have gained insights that have led to $billions in savings and revenue.The CEA Platform provides teams with the data and tools required to surface tangible opportunities rapidly, track impact and integrate journey data seamlessly into existing client business intelligence systems. CEA’s unified, dynamic views of the data mapped across interaction channels give a bird’s eye view of the top customer journeys and also allow you to drill down to gain further insights into customer experience analytics and journey details.ClickFox offers a one of a kind big data platform and a suite of solutions that enable enterprises to get the most value out of each customer interaction across all channels. With its unique data infrastructure and proprietary algorithms, the ClickFox Experience Analytics (CEA) Platform connects all customer touch point data across enterprise systems to create transparency on the end-to-end Customer Journeys.

ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli interviews Jeff Jonas
about Big Data and the challenges to enterprises.

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