Enterprise Grade Journeys

See your data in the Trace Cloud ... In a day.

Build your journey science foundation

Journey-Blueprint.pngAre you ready for the platform that enables rapid and repeatable journey analytics and actionable insights?  Let's get started!

Since the list of use cases that can be attacked is endless, the ClickFox Journey experts will design a program to tailor your data and analytics approach to your specific business pain. This guidance is a part of any annual subscription. 

The Journey Experts recommend starting "focused" with one business use case out of the gate, such as Digital Effectiveness. This builds the framework to scale the journey analytics program and platform. The return on the initial investment after realizing the benefits of changes made from the initial findings will fund future program growth. As new data sources are added to the platform over time, the number of use cases and questions you can ask of your data grow exponentially.

Suggested Use Cases to get you started:

  • Digital Effectiveness (Digital interactions to Care/Agent)
  • Branch Migration (Opportunities to move manual branch functions to self-serv channels)
  • Drivers to CSAT/NPS (Identify journeys that lead to low CSAT or NPS results)