Journey Discovery

See your data in the Trace Cloud ... In a day

Journeys ... In a day

Journey-Discovery.pngThe Journey Discovery program is designed to illuminate the journeys that lead from one channel (such as digital) to a key business outcome in another channel (such as an Agent call) ... in a day.

Everyone has concerns about their messy data. Trust us, we've seen it all.  This program will validate that two of your data sources can be connected and visualized as journeys in patent-pending Trace, within just one day of receiving data.

To remove any technical hurdles, ClickFox will host your data in the Trace Cloud for the duration of the evaluation. 

The program includes a product enablement session with you and your team on how to properly utilize Trace and think about journeys.

Investigate an unlimited number of root cause outcomes in Trace, including predictive probabilities, lift, and statistical significance.