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The Journey Science movement will change the way in which we analyze data, by bringing an intelligent, holistic, data asset to the hands of analysts and data scientists. The mission of Journey Sciences is to unlock the power of the story hidden within data. The ambition is to enable businesses to make intelligent decisions and narrow the gap between the business executive and the data. Data is being generated by machines every second of every day. Businesses need a better way to harness and understand the story the data is trying to tell.


We have been building an extremely valuable, standard, journey data asset for years. Journey data has been accessible from the CEA interface. Many partners and clients have asked for journey data to be unleashed, and we’ve listened.

The Journey Sciences vision going forward is an open platform allowing journey data to be leveraged in countless ways. Journey science is something you do with products and tools built by ClickFox and contributors to the Journey Science community. Journey Sciences is giving a name and standardizing the discipline of analyzing journeys.

Journey Science enables ANYONE, regardless of skillset, to be a Journey Scientist. The time is upon us for Business Analysts, Data Scientists and IT to work together like never before.  Business Analysts will be able to easily generate an intelligent dataset that includes the commonly understood business context in an Enterprise.

There are many uses for this data asset in addition to traditional analysis: As input to predictive models by Data Scientists, by IT and the BI community to use in Alerting tools, Visual Dashboards, or as input for operational decisioning systems. The possibilities for the usage if this intelligent Journey Dataset are endless.

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Business, meet Data

With a data platform & merging capabilities perfected on a massive data scale, the concept of analyzing journeys soon followed.

It is clear that connecting and sequencing data, both interaction and attribute data, was good, but not enough to tell the whole story. The missing component is a commonly understood language within an Enterprise in the form of core business journey definitions – Business Context. This includes what people are doing, what the activity is called and why people are doing it. It is the missing link in the 360-view of the entire customer chain that allows the story of the purpose driven journey to be told.

A journey tells a story. It has purpose. It is an account of related events. A narrative. Not just a collection of data.

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Data, meet Business

One can only make the best decision possible based on the information available to them. By combining business contextualization as an additional data attribute, along with customer interaction data, segmentation data and derived attributes, the Journey Dataset is the most intelligent input for data analysis and decision making. It tells the whole story.

Humans collect data from the stories they hear and then make informed decisions based on the data collected. 

Journey data includes the complete story allowing you to make the most precise decision possible based on real data, what is actually happening, not theory.

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An Extremely Effective
Journey Analytics Methodology

What is a journey? A journey is a story hidden in data. In order to illuminate a broader purpose at the end, a good story sacrifices some details in a character’s experience.

We've connected interactions and constructed customer journeys for more than 15 years. Beyond the software platform to automate these mechanics, these years of experience give us a unique position to tune analytic and business strategies, aid our clients to organize differently around the science of holistic customer journeys, and give a structure to analytic engagements: Journey Science.

The new frontier in big data analysis

JDS-digital-baby.jpgJourney Science is the intelligent art of deriving purpose through connected data. Each and every day we are participating in and even controlling many purpose driven journeys whether we know it or not. The complex network of data, its context and its purpose, makes up who we are, what we do and why we do it.

As humans we are the most advanced Journey Science engines. We take in an abundance of information, choose what we feel is the best, and make the most informed decisions possible. Though we have yet to apply the technology available to us to these concepts to make a better life and business decisions from the data that surrounds us.

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