We are a highly dedicated team with extensive technical and industry expertise who have made ClickFox the pioneering leader in journey-based analytics.

At ClickFox, we build software that surfaces the business opportunities impacting every type of experience. Our platform is leveraged by business analysts and data scientists to discover, create and analyze end-to-end journeys.

Businesses regularly store exabytes of information that can be easily accessed and searched. And yet, a daunting challenge remains: how to get actionable insights out of all the data to each level of the business. Our platform is designed from years of experience to rapidly visualize data so that businesses have comprehensive, dynamic journey views to perform advanced analytics. ClickFox also exports journey data to daily operations for insights at every level of the enterprise.



Incubated by two researchers from Georgia Tech in 2000, we first solved the challenge of how to understand customer behavior by connecting experiences together into a path. Four years later Marco Pacelli, the CEO, established the company we are today–expanding from web to IVR and then to cross-channel analytics.

When ClickFox was born nearly 16 years ago, the digital world was a very different place.  At that time, website capabilities were still emerging and very much in the early stages of becoming the dominant self-service channel.  Mobile devices were just starting to be used to send and receive e-mail, definitely not to pay your bill.  In those early years, ClickFox (simple “Click” – smart as a “Fox”) was focused on web analytics, but quickly pioneered Cross-Channel data analysis capabilities and methods to merge web, IVR, retail, marketing, Agent and ANY interaction data for a cross-channel view into the customer experience.  We were 10 years ahead of the market.  Now is the time for Journeys to tell the story that’s hidden in data.



With a data platform & merging capabilities perfected on a massive data scale, the concept of analyzing journeys soon followed. It is clear that connecting and sequencing data, both interaction and attribute data, was good, but not enough to tell the whole story.  The missing component is a commonly understood language within an Enterprise in the form of core business journey definitions – business context.  This includes what people are doing, what the activity is called and why people are doing it.  It is the missing link in the 360-view of the entire customer chain that allows the story of the purpose driven journey to be told. Journeys tell a story. They have purpose. They are an account of related events. A narrative. Not just a collection of data.

Today, ClickFox headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado with an office also in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of our expansion strategy we have opened our EMEA head office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are passionate about our Customer Journey Analytics Platform and its ever-growing impact on improving experiences and helping businesses gain value from their data. Our ability to connect millions of multi-channel interactions and identify the journeys having the greatest impact has led to our Fortune 500 clients benefiting collectively from revenue and savings of over $1 billion.



In the future, we’ll see a new currency take the place of money: data and data insights. Managing data value will be even more essential in developing corporate strategies than it is today. We will continue to deliver state-of-the-art technologies with comprehensive journey data assets for your successful corporate strategy.

The concept of journeys can be applied to anything.  Think about the billions of events that are being generated and collected by IoT (Internet of Things, Machine to Machine) devices.  Everything has a journey that can be defined, classified and analyzed.  The usage of wearable devices is exploding, along with apps on our mobile devices to capture our personal activity.  In addition to our business interactions with companies, we all have our own personal journey that can also be defined, classified and analyzed.

Using journey data as an integral component along with traditional analytics and data science methodologies is called Journey Science.

You are invited and encouraged to join us in the Journey Sciences movement!