ClickFox is the pioneer and industry leader in advanced journey analytics and providing journey data to the entire enterprise.

The ClickFox Customer Journey Analytics Platform, powered by the Journey Architecture™ has the following core capabilities: Journey Visualization, Journey Diagnostics, Journey Creation and Journey Datasets™.
  • ClickFox visually displays journeys as layered maps for easily examining the direct impact of journeys (e.g., customer experience journeys) on business outcomes. View top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points and next-step activity in any timeframe.
  • ClickFox Journey Diagnostics provides interactive tracking and trending to measure and assess the impact to your business before, after and during journey optimization.
  • Business users are given the ability to define and categorize journeys to ease analysis and communication across the enterprise.
  • Journey Datasets are easily leveraged by your business systems, arming all teams across your company with an array of insights down to the customer level.




ClickFox connects and transforms cross-channel interaction data into end-to-end journeys as part of the Journey Architecture.



The Journey Architecture allows you to select the appropriate unique identifiers to join data in dynamic, unique layered journey views. The Journey Architecture ensures journeys are represented as metadata and created across hundreds of millions of touch points to provide rapid, actionable insights without requiring new database schemas or custom queries to answer each new question and perform discovery.

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Journey Datasets represent net new data assets for the enterprise benefiting every level of daily operations.

ClickFox outputs journey data to the enterprise benefiting every level of daily operations. The Journey Distribution Engine generates new journey datasets that encompass all the touch points across interaction channels and incorporates journey attributes such as identity, patterns, outcomes, end-end duration, and cross-channel behaviors for use in your enterprise systems. Journey datasets have been used to feed journey dashboards, improve predictive models, facilitate employee performance reporting, inform the frontlines with detailed intelligence about customer experiences and provide essential tracking of improvement initiatives.

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Part 2: Behavioral Drivers to Outcomes
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Journey Science Ecosystem

Once interaction events are being automatically ingested and connected into journeys by ClickFox, the platform becomes a powerful Customer Engagement Hub enabling endless possiblities.  The Journey Dataset API exposes a rich, net-new dataset that fuels a Journey Science Ecosystem. Journey data from ClickFox is being used by many clients as input to operational treatment, predictive models and dashboards.  In addition, ClickFox and their partners are building applications that enable business users to perform complex Journey Science and rely on the ClickFox Journey Dataset.