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Built for Customer Journey Creation, Analytics & Management

The result of over a decade of using journeys to solve real use cases for real clients with any imaginable dataset.



Our mission: Build products that unlock the stories hidden across channel silos by turning data from any "thing" into journeys.

Anyone can be a Journey Scientist

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See all data as journeys

Analyzing connected journeys is the most effective way to see the entire picture and make intelligent decisions from data. Companies that do not embrace an outside-in view of their business by leveraging journeys will struggle to keep up in today's digital world. 

The Fox patented engine enables the transformation of data into Journeys and the resulting analytics. This empowers analysts to quickly provide information to executives for swift, intelligent decisions.

Fox enables data experts and analysts to:

  • Ingest data
  • Connect data across ANY channel
  • Explore journey visualizations
  • Perform advanced journey analytics

Fox, the ClickFox core, is a necessity for companies taking a customer-centric approach.

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Journeys tell the story

Finding tangible improvement opportunities in big data is like finding a needle in a pile of needles. Enterprises face extraordinary challenges in gaining the right insights at the right time from the right data.

Imagine asking Google Maps for directions to a city, without specifying a starting location. Could it analyze all driving behavior within a specified time frame to determine the optimum routes … from everywhere? This is exactly what Journey Trace does.

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Visually analyze customer journey data

Part of becoming journey-centric means improving through the monitoring and measurement of journey specific metrics. Cross-channel information that is not available from your contact center or CRM solution. Things like digital to agent rate, journey duration and channel hops.

Leveraging best-in-class visual analytics technology, Journey Watch enables executives and analytics leaders to keep their finger on the pulse of the journeys that define their business. Meanwhile, analysts and data experts are equipped to do so much more.

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White Paper - Introduction to Fox
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