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Build your journey temple

Utilizing ClickFox's tried-and-true Journey Architecture (JA) methodology with Fox Build enables the business to create layered journey views that are easily understood without writing a line of code. The outcome is clean, contextualized, data for analysts and data scientists that contains the common language spoken by the Enterprise.

  • Quickly Ingest new data sources
  • Merge any data source from any channel
  • Leverage proprietary Journey Transformation Language via User Interface
  • Customize your Journey Architecture
  • Enable automatic, recurring data ingestion

Journey Creation

Bring your journey maps to life

JourneyCreation1.pngLet your data confirm if your journey maps resemble what is actually happening. Data experts and analysts are enabled to leverage ClickFox's proprietary Journey Transformation Language (JTL), built from a decade of Journey Analytics experience from a user interface.

JourneyCreation2.pngDefine journeys, across all channels, including all events to, from and between business outcomes to accelerate analysis. These journey definitions are stored as metadata and used dynamically to quickly visualize any available data in Fox.
JourneyCreation3.pngJTL makes data simplification for journey analytics easy by providing quick functions for common journey specific data transformation actions, such as: grouping, dropping, & creating events and attributes.

Data Ingestion

See your data as journeys ... fast

Connecting data into journeys has never been easier and requires very little, if any, ETL work, especially if your event data is already in a data warehouse.

Quickly ingest the data sources you already have available by mapping columnar data into events with a header file through a simple user interface.

Easily rename system generated events to human readable labels, specify landing directory for recurring data retrieval and you are ready to go exploring.

Event Sequencing

More than data fusion

Because events contain attributes about them (like time, name, or location), merging sequenced events into re-usable sessions is more powerful than data blending. 

Data blended together is just another copy of rows and columns. When events from multiple channels are merged together, in sequence, investigating the how, when and where something happens with the context surrounding the events becomes possible.

Any type of event that has a timestamp, from multiple data sources and channels can be sequenced into the same journey using the proprietary ClickFox

common session object for re-use throughout Fox.

Continuous Data Processing

Ready for rapid recurring analysis

It's often said that analysis is 80% data preparation and 20% analytics. Not so for ClickFox clients. Data is ingested as often as it is received, enabling rapid test and learn. 

All Fox Visualizations, Journeys, Paths and Journey Datasets dynamically present any available data, at any time.

Fox Build enables immediate configuration for automatic data ingestion. This means data is readily available to pre-existing views or ad hoc analysis.