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Who says data has no shape?

Once all event data is connected into journeys using Fox Build, the Explore module provides analysts with the tools necessary for advanced journey analytics and visualization without requiring a deep technical skill set. Connected journeys reveal the meaningful shape of boring big data. Fox Explore:

  • Visually displays dynamic journey maps against Big Data for easy examination of the direct impact of journeys on business outcomes
  • Surfaces top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points and next-step activity in any timeframe
  • Slices and dices journeys, on-the-fly, by any event or attribute combination
  • Enables robust Journey Management

Journey Visualization

Views built for journey analytics

The Fox Explore module is for business users with an emphasis on great User Experience
and quickly surfacing insights from data connected into journeys.


Journey specific visualizations guide analysts through their discovery and hyphothesis phase and quickly poinpoint optimization opportunities


The Traffic View is a dynamic, data driven, Journey Map for quick visualization that exposes all of the connections between events


The Dynamic Journey Map view automatically shows all path variations from or between specified events, illuminating anomolies problem areas

Path Analytics

The forest and the trees

Fox Explore enables pattern analysis from the connected sequential events found in Big Data, 
empowering analysts to probe deep into where a given entity (customers, patients, devices, etc.) entered, departed and completed any specified path.

PathAnalytics1.pngRobust Path Analytics capabilities put the power of the proprietary ClickFox Path Processor algorithms in analysts hands from the user interface.

PathAnalytics2.pngPaths provide a visual output of the sequential patterns found in data: with starts, failures, and repeat activity for every path, across any channel.
JourneyVis2.pngClickFox, The Journey Company, has been doing this for more than a decade and holds the original patent for Path Funnel Visualization.

Path & Filter Creation

Contextualize experiences

Path1.pngThe ability for business users to define and categorize the journeys an entity takes is fundamental for Journey Analytics. Most companies have roughly 15 core journeys. 

PathFilter2.pngFox Path creation capabilities allow anlysts to codify these journeys, along with their ~75 sub-classifcations, creating a common language across the enteprise.

Path3.pngDefine specific Paths for analysis with event sequencing or filtering through a business user interface. These Path & Filter parameters create metadata used as input in all Fox capabilites.

Dynamic Summary Views

Answers before you ask

Dynamic1.pngThe charge to surface insights quickly and experience have led to several canned summary views that quickly expose answers to questions routinely seen in journey analysis. 

Dynamic2.pngThe Dynamic nature of these summaries means they're automatically available on any dataset being analyzed.

Dynamic3.pngSummary View examples:

  • Repeat Visitors
  • Top Traverals
  • Path Steps Summary
  • Event Stats