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The next-generation Journey Science Platform

See the shape of your data and unlock its hidden stories

When you see a smiling face, or stop sign, you know exactly what it means. Why not have the same certainty about the meaning, value and importance of every data element across your business? Data has a shape. One that only connected journeys reveal. A meaningful shape that tells a story and removes assumptions. More importantly, it will guide your decisions.

The patented Fox platform greatly reduces the time to value from big data by facilitating a rapid move from data ingestion to insights. In addition, the cost of a query is drastically reduced for Fox users, as connected data is readily available for rapid test and learn. Analysts can simply ask their next question of the data from the user interface without any IT or data wrangling efforts.

Fox connects any data, from any system, across enterprise silos to illuminate end-to-end customer, patient, employee, device, and system journeys. It's the only way to see where a journey started, ended and every possible situation - in between, over the course of a day, a week, or even years.

The Fox Journey Analytics Platform core capabilities:

  • Journey Analytics
  • Journey Creation
  • Journey Visualization
  • Journey Datasets™
Learn more about Fox capabilities by exploring each module below


Fox Explore

Explore is where the Journey Visualization and Analytics magic happens. Journey Science efforts start here, where analysts can visually navigate their way through any journey. By uniquely combining behavioral and attribute data into journeys, Fox Explore provides business professionals with the information and tools to rapidly surface tangible opportunities and expidite executive decision making.

  • Interactive visuals for easy examination of the direct impact of journeys on business outcomes.
  • View top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points and next-step activity in any timeframe.
  • Robust Path Analytics to fully understand how customers complete or fail something, not just that it happened.
  • Journey Management - Business users are empowered to define and categorize journeys in an intuitive user interface to ease analysis and communication across the enterprise.
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Fox Build

The Fox Build module empowers the business to quickly ingest data sources and connect and transform events from any channel into end-to-end journeys. The proprietary Journey Transformation Lanaguage (JTL), designed specifically for journey creation, is now exposed through an interactive user interface.  

Fox Build enables data experts and analysts to:

  • Quickly ingest data
  • Merge data sources from any channel
  • Create journeys
  • Activate continuous data ingestion

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Fox Config

The Fox Config module makes it easy to manage the many data assets created in Journey Science initiatives, like: the thousands of events and attributes from every data source, journey, path and filter definitions, journey dataset parameters, etc.

Fox Config enables the management of:

  • Journey Datasets™ (JDS)
  • Path, Filter, & Report Tagging
  • Bulk metadata management

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