Journey Trace

See your data in the Trace Cloud ... In a day.

What is Journey Trace?

  • A patent-pending application for behavioral pattern analysis based on historical customer journeys
  • Allows users to discover net new areas of opportunity
  • Provide users with specific recommendations to increase or decrease an outcome



Why Use Journey Trace?

  • Accelerate discovery analytics - 1/2 day in TRACE is worth 5+ days in CEA or other analytical tools

  • Uncover questions (and answers) you didn’t know you had

  • Incorporate intelligence (statistics, algorithms, etc…) into your Journey analysis

  • Reduce human effort required through system provided recommendations

Automatically Identify Interesting Paths

In the example image to the right:

1) 1.5x more likely to result in Low CSAT 

2) Accounts for over 5% of all paths resulting in Low CSAT

3) Incoming path occurs ~10K times, representing a much larger potential opportunity as not everyone takes a survey

4) 25% chance it results in Low CSAT