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Journey KPIs your way

As companies become journey-centric, they need a way to monitor and measure their progress in optimizing key journeys. This isn't done by counting touch points. The powerful combination of contextualized journey data from the ClickFox product suite and the fastest visual analytics tool for big data creates Journey Watch.

Watch leverages best-in-class processing technology to make journey KPIs available for executives and analysts immediately. Built on a visual analytics framework, analysts and data experts can also drill into any dataset produced by Fox and quickly pin new charts to the dashboard or share them with the rest of their team. All common charting and visual data exploration capabilities are now unleashed on connected journey data.

  • Configure and share journey KPI dashboards
  • Visually interact with any dataset created by Fox with ZoomData
  • Instantly refreshed charts
  • Fuse journey data with external data stores