Excellence in journeys means:

  • 20% improvement in satisfaction
  • 15% improvement in revenues
  • 20% lower cost to serve.

- McKinsey & Company

Planning your Successful Journey

Companies store massive amounts of transaction and interaction data in enterprise data warehouses and data lakes. Through complex, mostly ad hoc queries, these databases can provide high-level reporting as long as the user knows the right questions to ask. So, where do you start to make sense of the data and understand it's real value?

Case Study - Understanding Digital Effectiveness

Devour Low Hanging Fruit, One Journey at a Time

Holistic journey analytics solutions have proven to be critically important for companies embracing digital transformation while also reducing operating costs, and optimizing customer experiences. But, getting there takes focus and time.

A bite-sized journey analytics use case that applies to any industry, such as a company’s digital effectiveness, is beneficial for two reasons: connecting digital and agent data provides an opportunity to explore the underlying process and to familiarize the company with the basic tenets of journey analytics. Once such a smaller scale project yields benefits, both in terms of actionable insight and understanding of the potential of journey analytics, it is then a small step to add data from other channels and roll out additional initiatives.

Take a step back and pick the low hanging fruit and start there.  Returns from that focused effort will fund future initiatives.

"In our decade plus of helping clients realize massive returns from analyzing and improving journeys, we've found the most successful enterprises begin their transformation with a very focused use case and grow the program from that first success. Every time."
- Lauren Smith, SVP Business Solutions - ClickFox

Realizing Huge Returns From a New Approach to Data Analysis is Real


Companies typically have less than 15 journeys that customers can experience with them. Those 15 journeys are comprised of thousands of touchpoints and path variations.  It's easy to get overwhelmed when focused on the granular details. Customer Journey Analytics is a novel approach to big data. Instead of focusing on every touchpoint and how it performs in isolation, focus on improving a single journey. 

Our journey experts have had success with countless use cases across many industries. With few exceptions, those use cases are applicable across industries. Success in journey analytics starts with small wins and establishing a repeatable process that capitalizes on the most promising opportunities previously hidden in unused data.  With the right people and process, a specialized journey analytics platform becomes an organic renewable resource that enables rapid test and learn.

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