ClickFox Journey Analytics

From Data Chaos to Data Order

ClickFox maps the complex maze of customer experience journeys formed by interactions at every touch point with a company. Unlike business intelligence tools, ClickFox links disjointed, cross-channel data to fully understand and analyze customer behavior in a holistic view. Without ClickFox, businesses see only siloed views and scattered pieces that make up the complete picture of experience.

ClickFox’s unique, patented solution takes your numerous existing interaction data systems (Web, phone center, retail store, etc) and combines them into a unified, cross-channel, experience analytics framework. We draw in any kind of data from these and instantly render easy-to-understand visualizations that represent behaviors within and between the various data systems.

ClickFox proven technology delivers data value now without the “Big Data” hype and associated challenges.

These patented ClickFox visualizations give you an instant view of what’s happening, whether at the the granular level of an individual interaction or at the macro level of trends and insights across millions of customers.ClickFox takes you far beyond the “what” of customer behavior to get to the more important “why,” the reliable and actionable insights into your data to let you make smart business decisions. Our technology is differentiated by the way we:

Ingest Data

The ClickFox data analysis engine scours log files to rapidly take in, tag and connect data from separate data sources, structured or unstructured, into one framework. We constantly digest and analyze the data directly – you don’t need to make a copy of it to begin analysis. Instead of taking months to find customer patterns in data, the ClickFox system compiles, sorts and delivers them in near real-time.

Visualize data

Our visualization is unique in its ability to graphically portray customer patterns intuitively as a map, rather than a chart or graph, and see the direct impact to your business. The ClickFox DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphic) gives you a clear, intuitive view of the paths of your customers from one step in a process to the next, across channel and data-type boundaries. This allows you to identify issues quickly, inform you as to whether you fixed it, and contain problems where they start.

Reduce noise and increase signal

ClickFox uses behavioral pattern analysis that help you find the customer interactions that are financially meaningful to your business while suppressing the routine interactions that have no impact. You can examine scenarios like dominant paths, unique traversals, drop-off points and next-step activity, to show the direct impact of customer experience on business outcomes.

The ClickFox algorithms are simple and fast. Typical set-up time is within seven weeks. Business intelligence and home-crafted solutions are limited and cannot deliver the same results. Unlike business intelligence tools, ClickFox solutions are adaptable, flexible and work on the fly. The ClickFox SaaS means less downtime of data warehouses, which creates more time to produce valuable business insights into what customers want.