"Journeys are 30-40% more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn."

- McKinsey & Company

Finding the Purpose Within a Journey

Data is being generated by everything and it’s trying to speak to us, but if we don’t look at it as holistic journeys, we won’t be able to hear it.

Customer Experience and Data Analytics owners need the best information available to them to make informed, intelligent, decisions. A top down corporate culture that puts the customer first in everything they do is also a must, but you also need the right tools to dissect complex journeys.

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Enable Brilliance in Your Team and the Decisions You Make

Journeys have clear start and end points, and frequently have many events that occur in between. Journeys also have a variable time component—often spanning days, weeks or even months, while the activities typically analyzed as a part of the "customer experience" generally only span minutes. Journeys tell a story about what an entity went through to complete the purpose of the journey.

"We can finally trace the multitude of things a customer does and how it affects the bottom line of our business." 
- Lori Bieda, Head of Analytics at BMO

The Growth of Journeys and the Science Behind Using Them


Humans collect data from a multitude of stories they hear throughout their daily lives and then make informed decisions based on the data collected. By combining the contextualized information you receive, the roadmap of a journey starts to emerge through connecting all the pieces. The whole story begins to unfold in the most precise way possible based on real information and what is actually happening.

Journey analytics, and the science around it, is a rapidly growing transformational category of analytics. The majority of all analytics happening today in big business are in-lane, vertical analytics – designed to serve the needs of the business units they serve, rather than monetize the full power of the data at the organization’s disposal by looking at information in an integrated, horizontal way. Journey analytics uses any and all data available to assemble a complete picture of the journey, then couples that with the business context to describe what the journey is and what it means.

A journey can carry with it hundreds of data elements, events and paths, some that detract from the client’s experience and add unnecessary cost to the system, others that enrich it. Journeys are rarely what we imagine them to be, or intend. Letting the connected and contextualized data speak for itself allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of what's actually happening.

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